Friday, October 18, 2013

Mickey's Halloween Party

In October I found myself back in Disneyland. What a surprise! When I learned that all ages can dress up in costume, and that Captain Jack Sparrow would make a rare appearance, I had to take it! We started our day with a morning visit to Disneyland. We went on some of our favorite rides like Star Tours and Pirates of the Caribbean. Before long, it was time to meet friends and family at Goofy's Kitchen for a birthday party. After lunch, we went to our hotel room to get dressed in our costumes. I went as the Queen of Hearts. We went back into Disneyland all dressed up. It was so fun getting to run around Disneyland, wearing costumes and looking at all of the people and the costumes they were wearing. Trick-or-treating was fun. The Cast Members will give you as much as you ask for. But that can come at a price in the form of having to carry around a 25 pound bag. That gets heavy by the end of the night! This was more of a casual weekend, taking time to take pictures of the Halloween decor and just enjoying the scenery. I was thinking forward to my next planned vacation in January. Little did I know, there would be another Disneyland weekend in there!
This is the main entrance, all decorated with Jack O'Lanterns carved into Disney characters.
Me with Dumbo
Me with Minnie
The Haunted Mansion gets a Halloween and Christmas overlay with Nightmare Before Christmas.
At the Disneyland Hotel in one of the lobbies is a small theater that shows classic Disney cartoons on a loop.
Coming soon: Starbucks! A full store in Downtown Disney. I am super excited!
Posters for Disney/ABC Studios shows 'Once Upon a Time' and 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' on the outsid e of a Hollywoodland building
The Tiki Room garden
Enjoying my daily Starbucks drink
Candy corn!
On this particular weekend was Disneyland's Gay Days. They sold rainbow themed merchandise and food throughout the parks. I had to taste a rainbow sugar cookie.
Driving a car in Autopia
Going for a spin at the Mad Tea Party
The Emporium, and all the buildings on Main Street, were decorated with pumpkins, gourds, and leaves
Giant Mickey Mouse on Main Street
Several pounds of candy and treats collected at the Haloween party.