Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's a Zoo!

At the zoo there are two polar bears. These two polar bears used to live in the wild. They would sometimes go into town and break into the local restaurant dumpsters for food. The city has a "three strikes" policy, meaning if the same bears came into town three times, they would be destroyed. The zoo learned of this and decided to bring them here, so they would have sanctuary. What is interesting is these two bears would eat the vegetables from the trash. Their favorite food is lettuce. The zookeepers have tried to feed them meat but the bears want no part of that. They want salad, so the zookeepers make sure they get plenty of veggies to keep them full. It is really interesting that the creatures we thought had a taste for blood can actually thrive on a plant-based diet. I'm a bear that eats veggies, too!