Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean is my all-time favorite franchise. I love pirates in general, and the Disneyland attraction is one of my favorite rides. When the fourth movie was announced, I planned my costume and knew I would be there at midnight to watch the first showing. This fourth movie was my least favorite of the series. Now, it was a perfectly good movie, but it didn't have the same flavor as the first three. Jack Sparrow was not introduced in a grand way, with his theme song playing. He just appeared and blended into the scene. I didn't really miss Will and Elizabeth. I had come to terms with their departures from At World's End. But I did miss the supporting characters like Pintel and Ragetti. I didn't like Angelica. I liked Phillip and Syrena. I was happy to see Barbossa return, but I didn't like that he was now involved with the Royal Navy. And I did not like Blackbeard. The villains in the POTC movies have been likeable. I liked Davy Jones, and I loved Cutler Beckett and James Norrington. I was hoping that Beckett and Norrington would have been the zombie pirates, or that they would have been bitten by a vampire and returned as vampires themselves. The ending did leave a lot of questions unsanswered, and this didn't feel like a fourth movie; it felt more like a setup as the first movie in a new trilogy.