Saturday, September 20, 2008

Santa Rosa

I spent another fabulous weekend scrapbooking in Bodega Bay. Before my arrival I stopped in Santa Rosa to visit the California Welcome Center.

The Schulz Museum is in Santa Rosa and there are many Peanuts characters around the city. I found this Snoopy near the CWC.

The California Welcome Center is a fun place for me to visit. I like to pick up brochures for ideas of where to visit. I also like to pick up postcards of local places and maybe a magnet or pin from the area. There is a lot to do in Sonoma County that I have yet to see and hope to visit again very soon.

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JennAndChloe said...

Great post, Califia! Now I want to go check out some of those books. Except Farenheit 451. Ha ha ha.