Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today I found myself in Gilroy. The weather hasn't been hot which is unusual for San Jose in August. So I went to Gilroy knowing I wouldn't roast.

I visited Gilroy Gardens pretty much to eat some garlic fries and look at flowers. It's nice to see the flowers that bloom at different times throughout the year.

Also in Gilroy is the Black Bear Diner. If anything says "bear" I want to check it out.

The food is mediocre. It is diner fare, probably meant for feeding travelers as they are on the way to or from Southern California.

There are bear touches throughout the whole restaurant.

Just about any souvenir you can think of is available for purchase. Lots of stuffed bears, of course, along with salt & pepper shakers, stationery, puzzles, statues, socks, neckties, hats, backpacks, magnets, keychains... anything a touristy gift shop would sell.

The food is not very good so I wouldn't suggest it as a plce to stop and eat. I couldn't even suggest to just order a soda because they sell Pepsi products. But it is a lot of fun to look at the photos, statues, souvenirs, and all the bear elements around the place, inside and outside.

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