Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Summer Games

I went to the Olympic Committee to ask for an entry to the contests. They asked me why I was interested. "To win a gold medal," I said.

"What sport are you good at?" they asked.

"Ice skating," I replied.

"That would be the winter games. What kind of summer sports can you play?"

"I think I can do some gymnastics."

I had to show them a sample of my skill. They said they were sorry and that I should try the "Alternate Games."

"Can I still win gold?"

"Yes," they assured me. They said the competition would take place in the Caribbean. Sounded fun.

When I arrived in the Caribbean, the only sport with an opening was Pirate Fighting. Uh-oh, this couldn't be good. The only swords I have ever dealt with are the little ones spearing fruit in cocktails.

I met my opponent, William Turner. He looked very strong and was quite handsome. All my confidence melted away when I saw his smile. I was in big trouble. So much for the gold.

It was a long fight. I think Will practiced sword fighting three hours a day. He must also be a blacksmith, he really knows how to handle a sword.

After a lot of near misses, I finally got the winning swing. Wearing full gear, no one was really hurt. I think he let me win, after all the boy has a sense of propriety.

I was very happy to win the gold medal. When it was presented to me I was informed that it was cursed Aztec Gold, one of 882 pieces. This is not what I had in mind when I wanted to win a gold medal.

Sure, I may be cursed now but all was not lost. I made a date with Will. I don't expect too much involvement, he does live far away and I'm not good at long distance relationships. At least this will be a nice way to ease the pain of ending things with James Norrington.

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