Thursday, July 3, 2008

Headin' Out West Where I Belong...

Well, I'm already west, so I guess it's technically south.

It's that time again, my big summer trip to Southern California.

"Getting There Is Half The Fun" (Sure, if you're not stuck on 152 for two blasted hours!) When I saw the sign for Casa de Fruta stating it was three miles away, I figured I would be there in an hour, since traffic was moving about that fast. Sometimes it was six miles an hour, sometimes it was stopped for minutes at a time.

I arrived at Casa de Fruta behind schedule, but my spirits recovered when I saw this old truck parked in the back. With the Twilight series as my latest obsession I had to take a photo of the Cullen truck.

I knew I was headed for a long night what with holiday traffic. I wasn't surprised by the amount of people going out on holiday, but I was impressed with the traffic despite the high gas prices. I decided to hang out at Casa de Fruta for a couple of hours. I ate dinner, hung out on the playground reading, shopped a bit and geared up for the trek to I5.

Wine sure would have relaxed me, though I skipped a taste since I was driving. I might be crazy but I'm not stupid...

After I picked up my first batch of postcards I left Hollister and got on the road. 75 miles to my first Starbucks stop.

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