Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 5 in Disneyland

I couldn't go the whole week without eating a Mickey Mouse pancake. I really enjoy the River Belle Terrace, they have the best breakfast potatoes.

"C" is for Califia.

My first stop was at the Burr-Bank ice cream shop for a giant mint chocolate chip ice cream.

I love all the references to bears in DCA, but after all, this is a park devoted to California.

At the Mission Tortilla Factory there is a video of the history of the tortilla, and when you step inside the machines are there showing how they are made. At the end of the tour everyone is given a tortilla. Some days they give corn and some days they give flour. I was lucky to be there on flour day, that is my favorite type. If only I had some cheese...

I went back to the SS Rustworthy, the interactive boat in Paradise Pier.

I caught a wave!

I went to Pizza Omm Mow Wow for dinner. I wanted to eat pizza, but instead was eaten by a giant tiki.

How rude!

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