Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 3

I went on the Haunted Mansion which isn't scary at all. Getting there first thing in the morning has an advantage of getting right on with no wait, but it also bypasses all the fun tombstones. I enjoy puns and these jokes are not grave.

The Sailing Ship Columbia is a relaxing ride around the Rivers of America, except for when it's taken over by pirates. Unless it's Captain Jack which would make it very enjoyable...

This is one of those obscure, lesser-known sites. This is behind Harbour Galley where the Columbia is docked.

From New Orleans Square I was able to smell the honey down in Critter Country. I stuck my hands in it, but alas, it was made of resin. I needed something sweet to satisfy my sudden craving.

The answer was close at hand as there is a candy store at the end of Critter Country. Now my problem was to decide what to buy. Caramel apples, chocolate covered pretzels, turtles, chocolates... a very difficult decision.

I was hoping for a fresh batch of honey, but again, resin. Good thing, I could have been stung.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant has the usual fare of burgers and lunch foods. It was closed when I went, but since I don't eat burgers it was just as well. I know where to get vegetarian food in the Park.

A great thing happened while I was walking towards Fantasyland. A Cast Member stopped me and told me I was the winner of Magical Fast Passes. This was great and I went on the big rides. I started with Autopia for a nice drive around Tomorrowland. I spent the rest of the day riding the big rides. I got such an addiction for that adrenaline rush and just had to ride everything. To me, the most thrilling is the Maliboomer. I think this is moreso because I can see the whole way, which is different from the other dark rides. When I don't know a drop is coming I don't live through the anticipation.

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