Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Day at the Aquarium

I love visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My favorite exhibit is the otter one. I love all ocean animals, but marine mammals are my favorite.

Here I am in front of a tank with some small fish. As a California Grizzly, I naturally crave fish, especially salmon. But my keeper has taught me to love tofu so I have learned that "Fish are friends, not food."

Behind me is the new river otter exhibit. They are smaller than sea otters and just as cute. They were playing with and eating ice cubes.

One of the outside decks... I was able to see frolicking otters and heard seals barking. The sea life around here is great. The Aquarium staff teach and practice conservation. This was a beautiful day. Many times I have been here the weather has been overcast and drizzly.

In the Splash Zone which is an area designated for children are tanks that are lower and smaller. In here is some kind of creepy-crawly stick-like creature.

Taking another break, this time inside on one of the giant rocks.

Monterey sure was fun. I'm glad I bought a membership, now I can return when I want... just not when I'm craving fish!

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