Sunday, July 14, 2019

Mac and Cheese and a New Friend

 I made a new friend on my travels. His name is Wrinkles.

 He is this very sweet doggie.

 We hit it off right away by playing a trivia game and telling jokes. Later, we are going to share donuts.

 We will be friends forever. BFF = Best Furry Friends

Today is also National Macaroni and Cheese Day. I ordered some from a restaurant and it came with happy face potatoes.

 Since I did order the kids version, it was very much like the stuff that comes out of the blue box. But that is okay because I really like that kind.

I gobbled up about half of it because I saved room for those donuts I promised Wrinkles I would share with him.

Well, it is donut time!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

World Chocolate Day

 World Chocolate Day is celebrated every year on July 7th.
 This is a very important holiday because I like chocolate so much.

 M&Ms are great because they are small coins and they don't melt. You can use them as ice cream toppings and in cookies and brownies.

 Toblerone is delicious. I like that you can break up the triangle into small bits. I have seen gigantic ones in the past and haven't been able to find any. I think that would make a great gift - a Toblerone that is bigger than I am.

Delicious happiness in a triangular, foil-wrapped package.

Is your favorite on the list of the most popular chocolates in America?

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Stars and Stripes and Food

 For this July 4th, I wanted to get themed snacks. Well that is a thing I always do. So I found red, white, and blue M&M's, and these tiny cupcakes. I added the flags to give it that extra cute touch.

 I served shrimp cocktail.

 I added this shiny table decoration that has stars on it. It even has American flag stars. It is very festive.

 I had stars in a variety of sizes that I used to spread out on the table to give it extra flair.

 There were sugar snap peas and these cherries.

 And I also served crackers that people could use for dipping.

 Spinach dip is always popular, and I put out some baba ganosh, too.

 And a very American snack of tater tots. I threw them in the air fryer and that was it.

We didn't watch any patriotic movies, but we did start a Stranger Things 3 marathon.

And once Independence Day is over, I focus on the next big holiday: HALLOWEEN.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Toy Story 4

 Mr Duffy dressed as Woody and I dressed as Bo and we went out to see Toy Story 4.

 We really liked the movie. When we got home, we stayed in our costumes and played with our toys.

 Here we are, holding the figures of who we dressed as.

 These were the new main characters of the story. Forky was cute. Ducky and Bunny were funny.

 I love the detail here - the hang tag is in Bunny's head.

Check out this review, then go see the movie!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

See You Real Soon

 We got up, packed up the room, and loaded the car. Then we went to Downtown Disney to hit up the Lego store and Starbucks.

I got my coffee frappuccino and we got in the car. And then we headed home.

I already miss Disneyland, but I will be back before I know it.

Friday, June 28, 2019

I'm a Jungle Explorer and a Pirate

 Today was our last day in Disneyland for this trip. We wanted to get in things we hadn't done yet in the trip. We started on the Jungle Cruise.

 I enjoy the serenity of this ride. I like floating along the river and being among the trees.

 Here is the elephant pool, they are enjoying the water. An interesting fact about elephants is they have a great memory. I wish I had that ability.

 And here is an elephant that is about to spray water out of its trunk. An interesting fact about elephants is they have a great memory. I wish I had that ability.

 After the jungle excursion, we got on the train at New Orleans Square.

 We were stopped for a minute so water could be added to the steam engine.

 We did one complete circuit and then got off the train for lunch.

 We went to Harbour Galley and I got the lobster roll.

 The sandwich was quite small so I also got some clam chowder. Delicious!

 I'm being photobombed by a Porg.

 While I was having lunch, the steamboat passed by.

 Next we went back to Galaxy's Edge again for more Star Wars fun. I got this popcorn that was mostly sweet with an occasional bite of spice.

 I wanted to explore Pirate's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island.


 Danger. Keep out? Okay.

 Another pretty waterfall.

 This island is so pretty with all of the trees.

 And another waterfall!

 Ah, what a nice way to relax on a late afternoon.

 So after we left the island, we went back to California Adventure.

 We got on the Golden Zephyr. I know I wonder every time why it is called that when the rockets are silver.

We walked around Paradise Pier a bit and did some shopping. We went on Soarin' Over California again. We decided to get some dinner at Smokejumpers Grill. I got a chicken sandwich and waffle fries. At this point my fur started to feel crispy. I knew I had too much sun exposure. (Always wear sunscreen when the heat index is six or above.)
We were all slowing down, feeling tired and ready to get back to the hotel. But since this was our last night, we went a bit more. We sat in the planter area at the end of Buena Vista Street and got some ice cream. We watched the fireworks from there. We wanted to close out our trip with one more ride, so we went on Monsters, Inc. And then it was back to the hotel.