Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Ever Popular Uesugi Pumpkin Park

 I went to Uesugi Pumpkin Farm as I do most years.

 These beautiful sunflowers greet guests at the entrance. They are my favorite flower. Well, sunflowers and poinsettias.

 I got a late start this morning and I thought I would have to deal with crowds. But from the looks of the entrance, it looked like it would be light.

 I visited with my old scarecrow buddies.

 I think this is Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz. Hide your doggies!

 I was amused by Indiana Scrow. He had a fedora and a whip!

 This one is contemplating something.

 I was excited to see the Honey Hut, but a bit disappointed that it was closed.

 Look at those overwhelming crowds!

 So many people.

 They were kind enough to provide teddy sized chairs.

 I went on the hayride and got to see a lot of flowers and produce crops.

 A view from the hay wagon shows all the people.

 Somehow I hit one of my camera settings and a lot of the photos going forward have this old look to them. While the color works for a fall look, the colors aren't as vivid in the photos as the flowers are in person.

 Driving through the corn field.

 This is a field of growing pumpkins, but the orange isn't showing.

 The scarecrows seem to be effective. No crows around.

 This is a pretty picture, but the bold oranges and yellows are so much more intense than is shown here.

 It is a beautiful sight, and if you have some time, the five dollar fee for the hay ride is worth it at least once.


 It was quite hot and pumpkin ice cream sounded refreshing. With the waffle cone and whipped cream, it tasted like frozen pumpkin pie. Delicious!

 This is the queue for ride tickets.

 I really picked a good time to go.

 These are the blue pumpkins, but they don't really look blue. They look white with maybe a light sheen of blue. I have never tasted one.

 These ones look like they would taste good.

 Bins of pumpkins and assorted squash line the rows of carving pumpkins.

 These are their smaller pumpkins but still too big for a bear my size.

 This is a gooseneck gourd. I don't know if it tastes like an orange punpkin or more like a zucchini.

 The farm provides wheelbarrows so you can fill them with your pumpkins and wheel them to your car.

 Now these ones are more my size. What I didn't know before this year is these are actually edible. I thought they were just decoration!

 These pumpkins have bumpy growths on them.

 Pumpkins bigger than I am!

 The marigolds are pretty.

 Here are some decorative squash. I like to have them on my table during the fall through Thanksgiving.

 This is it, the perfect pumpkin for me.

 Here is the landmark attraction, the giant pumpkin pyramid. It is made up of over 4,000 fruits! Yes, pumpkin is a fruit.

 They have a cute little train ride that take you around their pumpkin sales area and there are some scarecrows to meet along the way.

 Chuggin' along.

After the train ride, I picked out the pumpkins I wanted for both decorating and cooking.

This was the kick-off to my Halloween season. I have more festivities planned and I hope you do, too!

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