Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

And now, for the best part of this day...

 Pumpkins! And...
 wait for it...
My bucket was nearly full of good candy, things like Tootsie Roll Pops, Skittles, and assorted chocolate bars. All good stuff. But just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean the candy goes away.

Winchester Mystery House

Hey, guess how I started my day?

 With an iced pumpkin spice latte, of course! I am the Pumpkin Spice Princess, after all.

 I made my way to the Winchester Mystery House so I could look at it all decorated for Halloween.

They had some pretty photo spots.

 This is the front entrance to the mansion.

 I like how they stacked the pumpkins to look like snowmen.

 There were jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins spread around. It was very festive.

 I really like the wreath, it can stay up throughout fall.

 These guys are peering out the window, I wonder if they see strange things at night.

 Inside the gift shop, they had another photo spot. This was in front of their Halloween tree, which I think is an awesome idea. I have had some in the past and they are so fun!

This is a beautiful property and they offer a few different tours. They decorate for Christmas, so I will be back for a visit then.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Halloween Party Time!

I have been hosting Halloween parties every year since I was a bear cub, back in 2007. It is one of my favorite holidays and I make a big deal out of them.

 Here, Valentino and Birdie are holding hands at the candy table.

 I provided a big variety of tasty treats.

 And of course we had to have candy corn.

 I baked my famous and most-requested cookie, the peanut butter chocolate chip cups. They were devoured and I didn't even get to eat one!

 And here is the bin of chocolate candies. Yum!

 Mr Duffy dressed as a vampire and I was a purple witch. We visited with our light-up pumpkin pal.

 The chairs were decorated with tinsel garlands and lights.

 Santa Jack Skellington even made an appearance.

 I made Puerto Rican rice.

I also make pasta which was popular.

And the green bean casserole vanished! There wasn't enough left over for a decent meal.

This party was a lot of fun and there were almost too many people there. We played games, listened to seasonal music, and just had a fantastic time. No one stared at their phone and people really engaged in conversation. And there were good costumes, too.

Now just two more parties to go!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Gilroy Gardens

I enjoy going to Gilroy Gardens and I wanted to see how they decorated for Halloween this year.

 When I entered the park, I saw that they had set up a small petting zoo. It was decorated.

 I was amused by this sign that was hanging in the pig pen.

 Something is not right in this pond.

 Mr Duffy and I hopped on this tractor for a ride.

 The sign around this goat's neck was funny.

 Skulls all over!

 That's not a bird.

 Yikes! That is not an itsy bitsy spider.

 We went more into the park and wanted a snack. We shared an egg salad sandwich and enjoyed the atmosphere.

 The first ride we went on was this worm that goes around an apple core.

 Then we went on a relaxing water ride where we flow past trees and flowers. It wasn't very plentiful and that is probably because it is the fall. There are big blooms in the spring.

 These trees were surrounding the ride.


 After that ride, we went on the ferris wheel.

 We are above the trees!

 After our ride, we went through the indoor garden. It was decorated and spooky.

 Giant spider in a web.

 I feel like this tree is looking at me.

 There is a nice little waterfall inside.

 This is one of the circus trees.

 There were signs around the park of where trick-or-treaters would be able to get candy after dark.

 The waterfalls were lit up and looked pretty.

 I like how there were lights all over.

 Mr Duffy and I were ready for a snack so we shared this hot dog that was wrapped like a mummy.

 We got on the train, they do a special Halloween themed ride at night. It wasn't anything special except that you are greeted by a vampire, and then you stop at the other station where Frankenstein's monster and a werewolf dance. Not scary at all, and also not really anything for the holiday.

 I love how these trees are all lit up.

 This is the dancing monster where the train stops halfway through the route.

 We got off the train and took a walk on the docks.

 These orbs look great in person, lit up and floating on the water.

 We were getting ready to leave and I wanted to stop in the gift shop first. Lollipops!

 Halloween lovie friends.

And of course, we had to say hello to the Gilroy garlic mascot.

We had a nice time. They do have a Christmas celebration and we will go back to see how they decorate for that.