Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Disneyland Day Three

We started our third day in Disneyland. We went to the Market House for our Starbucks coffees and Mickey Mouse cookies.

 This time we went with an iced latte.

 Their sugar cookies are a different color each day.

 This is the classic Mickey cookie. Do you bite his ears off first?

 This very soft shortbread cookie has a sweet tasty jam inside. Yum!

 I was SO EXCITED to meet Tiana. She was one of the princesses I had been waiting for a long time to meet. I still need to meet Merida, Jasmine, and Moana.

 We went to Star Wars Launch Bay which is in the big round building in Tomorrowland. They have many props on display, merchandise for sale, and they have character meet and greets.

 I got to meet Rey. She is an awesome hero.

 This is the model of what Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will look like. It is the new Star Wars Land coming to Disneyland in 2019.

 For lunch we went to Pizza Planet. It is the former Pizza Port, but since it was Pixar Fest, they themed it to Toy Story. I got this really good Cesar salad.

 This green pesto noodle dish was... out of this world.

 After our bellies filled up, we strolled over to Frontierland. We figured a ride around the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain Steamboat would be relaxing.

 After our ride, we went back to California Adventure for more rides. We got hungry and stopped for hot dogs at Award Wieners. Their french fries were in a unique shape, thick but curly. They almost look like apple slices.

 We wanted to visit the Animation Building and stop in Beast's library.

I looked in on one of the zoetropes. This one showed Donald Duck losing his patience.

This was a very busy but fun trip. It was shorter than our usual summer vacations, but that is because of my long trip in San Diego the week before. Busy, busy! Maybe I will have a longer summer trip next year. I am going to have to if I want to fully see all of the new Star Wars!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Disneyland Day Two

 Our second day started off in California Adventure. And to make sure we had enough pep, we shared a frappuccino from the Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe, which is the theme for the DCA Starbucks.

 We each had a strawberry cake pop. Delicious!

We headed towards Hollywoodland so we could go on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. It was awesome, as it is every time. Someone in our car made a really good joke at the end and some of us laughed so hard that we couldn't move.
 They are slowly turning the area into Marvel Land. They have closed Bug's Land and will be using that area for Marvel rides. It's too bad they closed it because it was really cute. The popsicle stick benches were fun and at Christmas time, the giant ornaments were really festive. But Marvel Land will be fun. There is a shop at the exit of the Guardians ride and I tried on this Black Panther mask.

 After some time in DCA, we walked over to Disneyland. One of the things we went on was The Jungle Cruise.

 After a few hours in that park, we went to Downtown Disney for dinner. We like the water fountains so we sat in front of one for a few minutes.

 We went into Marceline's which is a nice candy shop. They have ice cream in there and Mr Duffy and I shared a Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich.

 Of course we had to stop in the LEGO store. There are so many cool Star Wars sets that Mr Duffy wants. I would love a Harry Potter one.

After our time Downtown, we went back into DCA. We went on Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters which was a new ride to me. I went on before when it was a big air tire. This new ride seems to work better.

After more time in DCA, we went back into Disneyland to watch the Pixar fireworks show again. Then back to the hotel so we could rest up for our next day.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Disneyland Day One

 Mr Duffy and I wanted to dress in coordinating costumes, at least on the first day. We went with Belle and Beast. The costumes were the ones from the live action movie that came out in 2017.

 I didn't take many pictures on this vacation because I spent a lot of time just being there and enjoying the company. So it might look like I didn't do much, but we did a whole bunch of stuff.

 After running around all morning and working up an appetite, we went to the Carnation restaurant on Main Street. We all ordered fried pickles because we like them so much.


 Mr Duffy had a fried chicken plate.

 I had pasta with shrimp. It was great!

 We went on it's a small world and I took my usual picture in front of the topiary bear.

 After being in Disneyland for many hours, we went over to California Adventure. This nice person read a story to Mr Duffy. And it was the book about Duffy himself!

We walked back over to Disneyland so we could watch the Pixar fireworks. We sat on a bench on Main Street and shared some popcorn before enjoying the show. Then we went back to the room so we could rest up for the next day.