Thursday, October 13, 2016

Uesugi Farm Park

 Ah, it's time to visit one of my favorite pumpkin patches. Uesugi Farm Park in Morgan Hill is a fun place to spend a couple of hours, exploring the sights and really just taking in the fun Halloween scenery.
 They have millions of marigolds growing on the field.

 Fun welcome sign!

 There's a shy scarecrow hiding next to the tree.

 I think this one might have indulged in fermented pumpkin juice.

 I think this scarecrow was cosplaying as Wall-E.

 Ooh! Honey! Yum!!!

 They had free honey tasting! Wow, that is perfect for me.

 Levi is an anagram for Evil. Dun dun DUUUNNN!!!

 My favorite kind of flower.

 This is just a small view of the pumpkins.
 That is one gigantic pyramid made entirely of pumpkins.

 I'm so small, I didn't even reach the chart!

 Am I the Pumpkin Queen?
 Yes! Yes, I am.

 All the pretty marigolds. They do sell them, they are good flowers for keeping pests away from vegetable crops.

 Now to start looking for my pumpkin.

 Oh, but the sunflowers! They're so pretty!!!

 Okay, back to looking for the perfect pumpkin.

 A pumpkin is really a squash I knew that!

 Pumpkins are good for your health.

 Oh, now I want pumpkin pie.

 I love this corn that they sell. I don't think it is edible, but I do like to put it on my table for the fall holidays.

 I wonder if these pumpkins are called Cinderella because she rode in a pumpkin carriage.

 Why are these called blue pumpkins when they are a cream color?

 Ah, here we are with the Califia-sized pumpkins.

 That's a big chicken.

 These pumpkins are very bumpy. How did they get that way?

 They had tomatoes growing near the back of the field. Not quite ripe yet.

 This one looked pretty good.

 I think these are some kind of pea pods, but they're purple. Is that how they start out then turn green?

 I had to take a break from pumpkin hunting to play on the bales of hay.

 Here are more of the decorative gourds. I picked some up for adding to my cornucopia.

 How cute are these?!?

 I love munchkin pumpkins, they are so cute.

 These were the pumpkins I would end up buying, and the name is as cute as they are.

 Yummy, they had corn growing!

There is a train there that people could ride.

 That person has a familiar face.

 Wow, now that is one big pumpkin.

 There were so many different colored pumpkins.

 I'm not sure I remember what these are.

 This kind of sunflower is called Teddy Bear!!!

 They had a Califia-sized bench where I could rest.

 And a carousel I could ride!

I had a very busy day of playing, exploring, and picking out my pumpkin.

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