Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Apple Farm

I got up and checked out of my hotel in Lompoc. I made my way to San Luis Obispo.

 I stopped at the Apple Farm, which may sound a bit misleading. It is not an actual orchard, but a hotel with a few features. They do serve many apple-based recipes.

 They have so many beautiful plants and flowers on the property.

 I really liked this orange blossom.

 I quite enjoy when a big variety of flowers are grown in one planter, or very close together. One day when I have a garden, I am going to fill it with beautiful flowers.
This is the exterior of the restaurant.

 This is a cute little bird feeder.

 There were some apples growing, this tree was small and low to the ground.

 I made a wish in the well that I would get to stay in the hotel one day. I have dreamed of staying here ever since I first visited when I was a wee bear cub.

 Look at all of those tasty desserts!

 This souvenir plate was for sale in the gift shop. I do love California themed items.

 This truck is parked outside of the hotel lobby.

 I love this water wheel, I stop by it every time I am at the Apple Farm.

On my way out, I bought a gallon of ice cold, fresh pressed apple cider that they make for the hotel. It was so refreshing.
It was time to head home. I gave the hotel one last look and again wished to stay there some day.

Saturday, August 5, 2017


 This was a travel day, and I wanted to break up the drive by staying in a town somewhere between Disneyland and home. I picked Lompoc because I had never been there before. It is not an exciting place, not much to do. So I stayed in my room and just watched movies.
 The hotel itself was nice enough. It had a big TV, two rooms, and a kitchen.

 The sitting room had a couch you could turn into a bed. There was also a desk for working.

It was a place to stay with a nice bed, a refrigerator, and a microwave. I rested up a bit and checked out the next day to make the rest of my way home.

Disneyland, Day 8

Today was my last day in Disneyland, but not my last day of vacation.

 I wanted to visit Sleeping Beauty's Castle one last time this trip.

 I ate breakfast at Rancho del Zocalo. That is where they moved the classic Mickey Mouse pancake breakfast. It used to be at the River Belle Terrace.

 I stopped by the Petrified Tree.

I went on the Dumbo ride, and then made my way out. It's always bittersweet to leave Disneyland. I'm sad to leave, but happy that I had a good time and I know that I will be back soon. Like they say on the the Mickey Mouse Club, "See you real soon!"