Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Disneyland Day 6

Today we started in California Adventure. We walked around Grizzly Peak for a bit.

This plane is in the Condor Flats area.

This is a very bear-friendly place.

We went on Monster's Inc in Hollywoodland.

Then it was lunch time and we went to the restaurant which used to be called Taste Pilot's Grill. I can't recall what the new name is, but I know the menu hasn't changed. They still have veggie burgers and a toppings bar where you can pile your sandwich with the usual burger sauces and veggies.

After lunch we went into Disneyland. In all the years I have been there, I have never been fully inside the fire house. Chris and I went in to explore for a bit.

This is the desk in the firehouse. Walt lived above the firehouse and he would often use a real pole to slide on to get to Main Street. That is so awesome. One day, two young boys climbed up the fire pole into Walt's apartment and startled him. They covered the hole after then but the pole remains.

Today was another sort of relaxed day. We went back to the hotel to swim for a few hours.

Chris and I coordinated our outfits. He had this Tramp outfit.

And I wore this Lady dress. I do like when we match.
Tomorrow: Day 7!

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