Sunday, August 2, 2015

Disneyland Day 4

It's nice to be greeted by live music.

The Mickey sugar cookie changed color each day. I didn't realize this until the third day.

Yummy sugary goodness

And my daily iced coffee

I was dressed as Cruella de Vil today. My outfit survived Pirates of the Caribbean.

After the ride, I went in Pieces of Eight. I liked these ears.

At snack time I bought this frozen berry drink from Maurice's Treats. So good!

I also got this garlic pretzel twist. Yummy!!!

This spire is a new addition to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

After walking around the Castle, I went for a ride on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

I was surprised that the line was only about fifteen minutes long.

I always have my picture taken in front of the White Rabbit's door.

For lunch I went to the Carnation Cafe on Main Street.

I was really craving their fried pickles. They are delicious!

I had this pasta dish.

I ordered ice cream for dessert and I was not going to share with Mr. Duffy this time.

After enough time in the parks, I wanted to relax in the hotel room.

I ordered a pizza from a nearby pizzeria.

This was loaded with veggies and even Daiya cheese.

I got all comfy but then I remembered...

I had a Build-A-Bear cookie that I bought earlier when I went to Downtown Disney. I watched the Disney Channel for a bit then went to sleep. Four days in Disneyland is rough, and I still had more days to go.

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