Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disneyland 2015: The Diamond Celebration

Mr. Christopher Duffy and I went to Disneyland to celebrate the 60th anniversary. We were also celebrating our second anniversary. Here we are at a ticket window, buying our passes.

And where do we go first? Starbucks in California Adventure!

And a classic Mickey Mouse cookie, too!

The Starbucks is located inside of the Fifer, Fiddler, & Practical Cafe. They have the usual Starbucks goodies and some of the Disneyland Resort goodies.

And where do we go after coffee? Shopping! I was very excited to see all of these Marvel pins. Yay!!!

All that shopping tired us out for a bit.

They were showing the full trailer for Ant-Man in the Bug's Theater. Perfect theming!

After checking out the Ant-Man scenery, we looked around Bug's Land. I love these popsicle stick benches.

We walked into Hollywoodland from Bug's Land and went to Award Wieners which is a hot dog stand. I got a mushroom dog. This is just mushrooms and peppers, no vegetarian dog. They should make them!

At dinnertime (do we always eat?) we went to Wine Country Trattoria. They brought this very delicious bread to the table.

I had the salmon and potatoes. It was so good!

We finally went on our first ride, The Little Mermaid. I love it!


Wow, these flowers are amazing.

The colors are amazing! I'd love to grow these at my den.

So what did we do after dinner? Shopping again! And I found some Star Wars goodies!

Stitch is a bit too chaotic to be a Jedi.

It's a baby Tow Mater!

Isn't he cute?

So after walking around Cars Land, we thought about riding Radiator Springs Racers. Chris suggested we try the single rider line. We waited about twenty minutes and got in the same car. Awesome!!!

Cars Land at night is beautiful.

Next stop, ice cream! Chris had the strawberry in a waffle cone.

I had mocha almond fudge. All we do is eat, it seems. That must be why we're stuffed.

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