Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Saturday in Carmel

There was a very nice cow at our hotel. It seemed a bit random, but there you go.
We went to an outdoor shopping area called The Barnyard. Maybe that's why there was a cow in the area. There are shops and restaurants. It was very quiet, and for the middle of the day on a Saturday, it was quite deserted. Some of the spaces were empty. This place isn't really worth a special trip. We walked through the whole area in all of twenty minutes. There were some pubs but we didn't stop in for a drink.
One of the shops at the center
There were a couple of fountains in the area. I do love water features.
There is a candy store at The Barnyard. They have a lot of chocolates and other sweets. I bought a dark chocolate bear.
This big guy was sitting in the window in the candy shop. I always love taking pictures with other bears.
After we left The Barnyard we drove into downtown Carmel. This was the place to be. We went into a tiny, cute shop called Cottage Sweets. This is where we found one of our favorite treats.
Fresh saltwater taffy!!!
We rode down to the beach. It was a little breezy but very sunny and it was warm. We didn't stay long, just long enough to walk on the boardwalk that leads to a small lookout point.
Carmel Beach is beautiful.
This gigantic tree had a gnarled trunk and a lot of great branches to climb. It looks like the kind of tree that becomes driftwood that people carve into things, like bears!
After our walk around the different places in Carmel, we went back to the hotel. First we had a fancy dessert in the ballroom. There was a white cake and chocolate brownies. And we had a glass of apple cider with a slice of a strawberry that looked like a heart. Very fancy!
We ended our evening by hanging out in the room, eating our bag of saltwater taffy and watched some movies.

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