Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Disneyland Day 2

"N" is for Norrington! The letters weren't very crowded so we took the opportunity to pose on them.

One of my favorite things about California Adventure is the Malibu Mocha. Coffee and ice cream are some of my other dietary staples. All that sugar gave us some quick energy for the challenge we were about to take.

On our way to Redwood Creek we stopped for a pose with this classic plane. Good thing the propeller didn't start or there would be stuffing everywhere!

We arrived at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where we did a lot of climbing, sliding, and exploring. We felt right at home among all the redwoods. They didn't even seem unnatural in the land of palm trees.

We made it all the way to the top and back down of the rope bridges. By now I am able to just run right up and across. It's just a bit hard wearing rubber clogs, though.

The "real" Califia. This is the spirit of California, the queen for whom I was named. In the Palace of Fine Arts - the DCA version - is a 20 minute, inspirational history of California. Though I have seen it many times, it still makes me cry.

In the Paradise Pier area is an interactive boat with water play. There are a lot of bells to ring and even some surf boards to ride.

After watching the new Pixar parade we went to Disneyland for some dinner. We decided on pizza in ToonTown and wanted to play while we were there.

ToonTown is a fun place to play and even more fun for photos. All the sets are great to climb, and there is a play area at Goofy's House that is fun for climbing or relaxing.

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