Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Folsom Zoo

I had my second date with Norrington. We went to the Folsom City Zoo and Sanctuary. This is not a conventional zoo, it is a place where sick, captured, and injured animals come to recover and live out their days in peace and comfort.

The zoo teaches people to really care for animals, and stresses that wild animals do not make pets. (I wonder how a person can think, "Gee, I think this mountain lion would be fun to keep.") Some of the animals here were rescued because they were shot but tossed aside because their fur was not good enough to be profitable. The tigers living here were found, each tethered to a 4 foot chain and trapped inside a 3 foot by 3 foot cage. These are no kitties, these are full-grown tigers needing acres of land to roam happily.

In the exhibit behind us is Emma, a raccoon that was found half alive on a road. She was hit by a car and luckily was found and sent to the sanctuary. Zookeepers nursed her back to health. She is celebrating her 13th birthday this month in a plce where she romps and plays and never has to worry about cars again.

Guess which exhibit was our favorite...

There are six California black bears living in the Folsom Zoo. I don't know if they are full-grown; but they are bigger than most humans for sure. They have a lot of places to hide, play, swim, rest, and climb.

It's okay, this is just a large plush toy. Our day at the zoo was educational and fun, and it was nice to go to a place where the animals are treated with love and care. This is the place I would go if I became sick or injured.

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