Friday, May 16, 2008

BFF: Bear Friends Forever

My two best friends came to visit me for the weekend. On the lft is Minerva, I'm in the middle, and Eureka is to my left.

We all have significant California names. Minerva is the goddess on the California State Seal. Eureka is the state's motto. Eureka means "I have found it!" Gold miners shouted this when gold was first discovered in the foothills.

May 16th is National Pizza Party Day and this was the perfect day. We ate cheese pizza and pizza bagels for dinner. It was really tasty. I wanted to also serve pizza rolls but I couldn't find any vegetarian or vegan ones.

Since we were having a slumber party, we got into our jammies and ate some ice cream.

After a lot of talking and laughing we got ready for bed. We had a full weekend planned!

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