Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A California Adventure

Over the weekend, I went on a roadtrip up the California coast into Oregon. Before the trip I had never been more north than Santa Rosa. For some time I had been reading about things to see on 101 up the coast, and I am finally able to check them off my list.

The first stop on the way was in Boonville, and old gold town near Mendocino. This area is known for developing their own language known as "Boontling." Here, at the Horn of Zeece Cafe, the name was taken from Zacharia Clifton, who really liked a strong cup of coffee. They took his initials, ZC, and called him "Zeece." A "Horn of Zeece" means coffee.

Having a GPS sure made navigating very easy.

A vineyard in the Andersen Valley.

Stopping for breakfast at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino. The menu is vegetarian and vegan.

More views of the Stanford Inn.

This is the Drive-Thru tree in Leggett. Cars and small SUVs can drive through the trunk of the Chandelier tree. This is something you should see if you are in the area.

An old logging wagon in the park.

An enormous, hollowed-out trunk.

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