Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hit the Road

Next month I will be driving north up the California coast. I will get to explore cities which I have never visited. I am looking forawrd to visiting Eureka, to see how exciting it... isn't. I already checked - they have three Starbucks shops there. I may also stop in Napa and taste some wine. I plan to take a tour through the Avenue of the Giants - home to the world's tallest redwood trees, and the oldest living thing on Earth - the General Sherman. I will also travel as far north as anyone can in California - Crescent City in Del Norte County. The point of the trip is to visit Portland to tour the vegan district. It will be nice to not have to read labels to see if the foods contain animal products. On the way back, I will be driving inland to see the wonders and beauty of that side of the state. It will be a great experience. I read there may be snow. I have never been in snow so I have to learn how to prepare.
Today I went to get maps of California and the northern part of the state. Time to really plan for the tour.

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