Saturday, June 30, 2007

Go Giants

Tonight I went to the Giants game vs the Arizona Diamondbacks. This was my very first ride on CalTrain.

I sat on the upper level of the train and liked the sites. Each station seemed to have a different theme, different eras.

Inside the ball park is a cable car where you can view the field from one side or the bay from one side.

The stadium seemed full... partly because people were there to see Bonds working in his home run record, and partly because it was a clear, nice day.

I visited the Build-A-Bear booth at the park. In the Coca-Cola Fan Lot, where I slid down the giant Coke bottle slides is a tiny Build-A-Bear Workshop that sells all SF Giants things for bears. Jerseys, uniforms, shirts, jackets, pajamas... I also made 4 new friends there. Now if only they would put a store in the San Jose Arena for the Sharks...

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